41 - Promotoracing



Alessandro Ruoso

  • Date de naissance : 11/06/1981 à Pordenone
  • Taille / poids : 1.87 m / 86 kg
  • Sponsors : KTM, Niels, Heinz Kinigadner

Palmarès Dakar :

    • 2017 Dakar: 38th

Palmarès Autres Courses :

    • 2017 : Baja World Champion
    • 2016 : Afriquia Merzouga Rally - 15th
    • 2013 : Baja World Champion
    • 2014 : Baja World Champion
    • 2000 : Italian Motocross Champion
    • 1994 : European Champion Alpe Adria
    • 1993 : Italian Motocross Champion



  • Marque : KTM
  • Modèle : 450 RALLY
  • Préparateur : Team Pedrega
  • Assistance : Team Pedrega



“Now, that's my turn”

Rally raid became his passion when he competed the final of the Baja championship in Morocco back in 2013. He won the championship and started aiming to ride in the desert. The preparation started with the Afriquia Merzouga Rally in May 2016, where he made his debut in the rally raid discipline. Despite it was the first time he was riding in the desert with a road book, he finished 15th. In January 2017 his dream came true and he made his debut in the legendary rally. Despite he was a newcomer, Alessandro Ruoso proved to be a promising star. He was the first Italian rider of the standing when he crashed 2 stages to the end and broke the head of the radio, the cheekbone and the nose. Depiste these fractures and the pain he rode till the end and finshed 38th. This year the 3-time Baja Champion (2013-14-17) is back.

“I was not even born when the first Dakar took place, but this great adventure has always been my dream. I'm 36 years old and I ride since I was 3. When I was a kid, I was watching the race in Africa. Edi Orioli and Fabrizio Meoni were my reference. Now, that's my turn. Despite this is my second year, the feeling of excitement and adrenaline doesn't change. Last year I made my debut and it was harder than I expected. But I accomplished my target: finishing the rally despite the pain of the fractures I suffered in the crash when there were 2 days remaining to the finish line. This time I started training once the fractures recovered. I have prepared well this important appointment. I won the Baja Championship this year and I trained with the bicycle, in the gym and with the motorbike. In the last months I have focused more on the navigation. On the Dakar I want to make an intelligent race and finish with a good result. My target? Finishing in the top 15-20. The level of starting grid is getting higher every year and the competition is certainly with the other riders, but it will be especially with my mind, my endurance, where physical and mental strength must be optimised to the maximum”.

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