118 - Spirit Of Kazam



Shinnosuke Kazama

  • Date de naissance : 29/08/1984 à Tokyo
  • Sponsors : Yamaha motor japan, Dirtfreak, D.I.D, Arai helmet, SWANS goggles, NGK, MICHELIN, ZETA, DFG, pod, DRC, FUMA+1

Palmarès Dakar :

    • 2017: first participation

Palmarès Autres Courses :

    • 2016: Merzouga Rally
    • 2015: Baja 1000



  • Marque : YAMAHA
  • Modèle : 450
  • Préparateur : Spirit of Kazama
  • Assistance : Spirit of Kazama


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“I need to make my childhood dream come true…”

35 years after his father, Shinnosuke Kazama will be discovering the Dakar for the very first time. And the heritage left by his dad is a pretty massive one. Indeed back in 1982, Shinji Kazama was the very first Japanese rider to start and finish the Dakar on his Suzuki. While Shinnosuke wasn't born at the time, he was raised in that spirit of adventure. He first started riding bikes as soon as the age of four and slowly moved to SuperCross after watching a race when he was ten. « Shaun » who is an actor in Japan was naturally attracted by the Dakar and his dream will come true in 2017 after experiences at the Baja 1000 and Merzouga Rally. The 32-year-old will be riding a Yamaha on the race and will have a special manager to coach him: his father, of course.

“I don't have memories of my dad doing the Dakar because I wasn't born, but when I grew up, I realised what an amazing adventure he had done and I have so much respect for him. I quickly thought of living the same adventure after him. I also remember his Dakar in 2004, he had an accident and seriously injured his left leg. I was worried when he had to pull out because I knew it was really dangerous thinking that somehow he would not return. So when he came back from his trip, I was so happy… also because he came back with a nice souvenir. I learned a lot of things from him: how to ride a motorcycle, how to go camping and make a fire. He showed me the world and he still brings me a lot. The Dakar is a real childhood dream. I was dreaming to race with my dad when I was kid. I remembered that dream when I turned 30 year. I realised my limit for riding the Dakar was coming. That's why I decided to race the Dakar, to make my dream come true. I am 32 now and my dad is 66. So, I decided to make my dad my team manager so we could race together. I don't think so much about a result on the Dakar. I just need to make my childhood dream come true. But, everyone cares about a result, so I'll think about it during racing.”

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