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Vincent Crosbie

  • Date de naissance : 13/06/1990 à Botswana
  • Taille / poids : 1.74 m / 85 kg
  • Sponsors : Botswana - Our Pride ; Your Destination ; Naledi Motors ; Wesbank ; De Vrye ; Botswana Tourism Organization ; Time Projects ; O3 ; Smokey Cocktails ; PPC Cement ; White Star ; IT IQ ; USN ; Medswana ; Aluminium 2000 ; JT Racing
  • Site web :

Palmarès Dakar :

    • 2017: first appearance

Palmarès Autres Courses :

    • Merzouga Rally 2016 (21st), Morocco Rally 2015, Toyota Desert Race, Amageza Rally, Botswana off-road championship



  • Marque : KTM
  • Modèle : 450 RALLY
  • Préparateur : NOMADE RACING
  • Assistance : NOMADE RACING
  • Classe : CLASSE 2.2 : MARATHON


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“I know I have the right mindset”

At only 26 years of age, Vincent Crosbie is set to become the first rider from Botswana to compete in the Dakar. His passion for bikes started thanks to his father, and from social riding he moved to motocross. Sadly at the age of 12, his dad passed away and his new life in a boarding school prevented him from riding. But the passion was always there and he resumed with racing five years ago with the Dakar in the back of his mind. On the paths of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, the Motswana will certainly have a thought for the man who gave him the taste for two wheels. The event won't be entirely new for Vincent who came as a mechanic working for his friend David Reeve of Zambia back in 2015. There he discovered that 80% of the competitors were normal guys and that it was something he too could do. Part of the Nomade Racing team, the rider from Serowe, in love with wildlife, just hopes to reach the finish and doesn't want to worry about a position in the standings.

“My first memories of the Dakar go back to when I was young watching the race on TV with my dad. It was a dream back then and getting older, it became a belief. It all really started in 2015 when David Reeve asked me to come as a mechanic. I realised that 80% of the competitors were normal guys. I realised that it was possible. I'm going to do this. I was overwhelmed at the time, seeing the magnitude of such an event. I'm young, I come from an average family. I want to prove to people that no matter their background, they can do the Dakar. Normal people go to the Dakar. I know that my father will be looking down on me proudly. He's always with me when I'm racing. The event is of course new to Botswana, and I'll be the first rider from the country to go there. We have the perfect terrain to train with different types of tracks in the middle of the wildlife. I often see animals like lions or elephants but I'm used to it. The goal on the Dakar is to challenge myself. I know I have the right mindset. I believe in myself and believe I can finish. I have the level.”

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