64 - Jetmar/Ktm Portugal



Goncalo Reis

  • Date de naissance : 23/02/1986 à Cascais
  • Sponsors : : KTM, Jetmar, McD, FantasticWin, Albatross, Pirelli, GR17 OFFROAD SCHOOL, R3 Roadbook Rally Raid, CFL, CrossPro, Fuchs Silkolene, NDgraphic, LS2, protaper, JBS Motos, Braking, RG seguros, GFS - Fluidos de Refrigeração, jn-seatcovers, Polisport, Auto Medi

Palmarès Dakar :

    • 2017: first participation

Palmarès Autres Courses :

    • 2016: Merzouga Rally (10th)
    • 2015: National enduro champion E2
    • 2014: National enduro champion all-round
    • 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007: National enduro champion Elite 1
    • 2009 and 2008: Gold medal ISDE
    • 2005 and 2006: Silver medal ISDE



  • Marque : KTM
  • Modèle : 450 KTM RALLYE RAID
  • Préparateur : KTM PORTUGAL
  • Assistance : KTM PORTUGAL
  • Classe : CLASSE 2.2 : MARATHON


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Scratch 39 37 57 25 34 - 43 36 - 36 18 22
étape 39 37 56 19 34 - 43 36 - 36 18 22
Général 39 36 44 29 28 28 29 29 29 30 27 26

“Once you're on the boat, you can't abandon it”

Like many of his compatriots that went on to shine on the Dakar, Gonçalo Reis' journey to the biggest off-road rally in the world started on enduro tracks. For over ten years now, the Portuguese made a name for himself conquering national and ISDE titles. The next step up for Gonçalo was naturally the Dakar. After making his mind up in May, he first tested himself during the Merzouga Rally that he managed to finish at a great 10th spot. Not a bad performance for a first experience. The Portuguese who will be riding a KTM 450 RR now hopes to impress on the Dakar and make the best of the precious tips given by his friends and Dakar regulars, Helder Rodrigues, Paulo Gonçalves and Ruben Faria.

“The Dakar dream started a few years ago when the race was still in Africa. Every January, we would watch the race with the dream of doing it but not knowing if it would one day be possible. The dream became a project. Last May, I asked myself, should I risk it or not and after many conversations with my father and friends, we decided to risk it. It won't be easy but let's go for it. I first had to compete in a rally-raid to be accepted by the organisation and I did the Merzouga rally. I did it and it went well. Once you're on the boat you can't abandon it. As for the dream to be real, I can only say when I reach Buenos Aires. I started training with a roadbook in 2015 and I changed the way I physically train. I focus on resistance with long hours of training to have a fresh mind when I ride. I spent a lot of time with Helder Rodrigues and his wife Mafalda who explained me all I need to know to make it to the finish. My goal for the race is to finish in the best possible position without any falls and penalties.”

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