59 - Ht Husqvarna Rally Raid



Anastasiya Nifontova

  • Date de naissance : 19/01/1979 à Washington, Usa
  • Sponsors : Red Bull, Biblio Globus, Moscow Police, HT Husqvarna, Motul, Volkswagen, Acer, Gonki Pro, Yahknich, MXT
  • Site web :

Palmarès Dakar :

    • 2017: first appearance

Palmarès Autres Courses :

    • 2016 Albania rally, Atacama Rally, Morocco Rally (33rd)
    • 2016 Africa Eco Race



  • Marque : HUSQVARNA
  • Modèle : FR 450 RALLY
  • Préparateur : HT Husqvarna Rally Team
  • Assistance : HT Husqvarna Rally Team


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étape 130 120 120 76 66 - 90 91 - 90 75 85
Général 130 120 118 91 82 82 85 84 84 79 75 75

“An opportunity to write my name in the history of the Dakar"

She will, without doubt, be one of the sensations of the next Dakar. At 37 years of age, Anstasya Nifontova will become the first ever Russian lady to compete on the Dakar in the bike class. She first started riding bikes in the fields around her parents' country house and the passion for two wheels never left her. Then came the first races four years later, off-road of course! And there was that childhood dream: the Dakar. After competing in the national cross-country championship, she needed that extra challenge that came thanks to the support of sponsors including the Moscow Police. The smiling mother of a little boy, will be part of the HT Husqvarna team and will be able to count on the precious help of her team mate Aleksandr Ivanyutin. Fan of cinematography, she'll be delighted to witness the amazing landscapes of the Dakar but her competitive spirit will be fully focused on the race and a quest to make it to the finish among the best women.

“I was fond of bikes since early childhood, but I got my first bike at the age of 16. It was a Tula 200cc, a small Russian off road bike with wide wheels. As long as I can remember, in my childhood, I mostly liked big off road bikes, so when I found out about the Dakar, the idea to be there settled in my mind. Tired faces, helicopters and dust in the air, endless deserts and different vehicles racing at high speed: all these images made my heart beat faster. After my first steps in the National rally championship and later in the World Championship, my dream of doing the Dakar got closer and more real than ever. Of course when I got a chance to participate, I didn't hesitate even for a second.
Being the first Russian woman on a bike means a lot to me of course as I have an opportunity to write my name in the history.
It is my first Dakar, but I hope to fight for the top 3 in the women's class, that's for sure. Fear is not the best feeling for a racer. I prefer to say that I'm a bit worried about the racing days at the altitude of 3000m and higher, but I trained a lot with specialists from the Russian Olympic committee, so I will be prepared. Every race is a collection of emotions, the most difficult race in the world, I guess, should have the most vivid and deepest emotions ever.”

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